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All the Answers to the Credit Card Puzzle

Who uses American Express? The German.

Complete Answer

Norwegian Dane Brit German Swede
Yellow Blue Red Green White
Pretzels Crackers Potato Chips Peanuts Brownie Bites
Water Tea Milk Coffee Lemonade
Debit Card Discover Mastercard American Express Visa


Here is an explanation of the solution:


The Norwegian lives in the leftmost house, next to blue house. The owner of the center house drinks milk, therefore, is not in a green house (whose owner drinks coffee). The green house is #4 since it is to the left of the white house and there is no other place for a pair of houses to fit. Therefore, the center house must be red and, therefore, the Brit's house. The Norwegian's house is, therefore, yellow. The Dane drinks tea and doesn't live in the coffee-drinking green house. The Swede uses a Visa card, so he is not the person who uses a Discover card and lives in the blue house.


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The man in the center house, the Brit, drinks milk. The green house's owner drinks coffee. The Dane drinks tea so the Dane does not live in the green house. The one who eats brownie bites drinks lemonade. And since the German eats peanuts we know that the German does not drink lemonade. The Brit drinks milk and so does not eat brownie bites. Since the Norwegian eats pretzels, he can't do the brownie bites / lemonade duo. And the Dane drinks tea, so the Swede must drink the lemonade.


The owner of the yellow house, the Norwegian, eats pretzels. The German eats peanuts. The man who eats crackers has a neighbor who drinks water, and the green house #4 drinks coffee. Therefore, the person in the white house #5 doesn't eat crackers. The Dane does not eat brownie bites since he drinks tea and not lemonade. The Brit does not eat brownie bites since he drinks milk. The Norwegian doesn't eat brownie bites since he eats pretzels. And the German eats peanuts, not brownie bites. So that means the Swede must eat brownie bites. Therefore, the Swede also drinks lemonade.

Credit Cards

The man who uses a Discover card lives next door to the pretzel eater, the Norwegian, so the owner of the blue house uses a Discover card. Since the Norwegian eats pretzels, they do not use Mastercard. The Swede uses a Visa card, so he is not the man who uses a Discover card and lives in the blue house. Whoever eats the brownie bites doesn't use Mastercard.

Tying It Together

When we find out the Swede eats brownie bites and drinks lemonade, and also know he uses a Visa card, we know everything about him except which house he lives in. He doesn't live in the red house because he drinks lemonade not milk. He doesn't live in the green house because he drinks lemonade not coffee. He is not in the yellow house eating pretzels and since he doesn't use a Discover card, he isn't in the blue house. Therefore, the Swede is in the white house.

The blue house and the green house are still unclaimed. The Dane must be in the Blue house drinking tea, because he doesn't drink coffee, therefore, can't be in the green house. We already know that the Brit is in the red house and the Norwegian is in the yellow house. So finally, we can put the German into the green house.

So now we have the German eating peanuts and drinking coffee in the green house. The Swede is in the white house eating brownie bites, drinking lemonade and going over his Visa card bill. The Norwegian is in the yellow house eating pretzels. The Dane is in the blue house drinking tea and using a Discover card. Since he uses a Discover card, he can't use Mastercard and, therefore, doesn't eat potato chips, but rather crackers. The Brit is in the red house drinking milk.

Since the Dane in the blue house eats crackers, his neighbor must drink water. The house next door, the Brit, already drinks milk, so the Norwegian on the other side must be the one who drinks water. We know what everyone eats except the Brit, who by default eats potato chips, and then also uses Mastercard. Since he uses Mastercard, the neighbor of the cracker eater who uses a debit card is the Norwegian, leaving only one solution: The German uses American Express.

Explanation provided by Sarah P., Tucson AZ.

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